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Information The ShockCore Gaming Rule Handbook

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"Those taking a break, be it for whatever reason will be placed here under a leave of absence."

Note: Rulebook will not cover everything. Actions with any grounds for punishments will be punished. Ask a staff member if you're not sure. Any rule or policy listed may change based on the verdict of a staff member.

Administration has the final say in matters. Arguing against a made verdict may result in a ban. If you have a problem, make a complaint.

General Rules

'Do Not':
  • Item transferring, including off-duty/on-duty chars.
  • Random Deathmatch
  • The use of cheats, hacks, bugs and exploits.
  • Whitelist abuse.
  • Attempting to force a player into erotic roleplay.
  • Staff or player impersonation.
  • Changing your description to avoid a roleplay situation.
  • Powergaming (purposely forcing actions onto others) is forbidden.
  • Disconnecting to avoid roleplay or admin-sit.
  • Metagaming.
  • Disrespect, harassment and provocative behavior.
  • Spamming chat in any form.

  • A situation may only be voided if a staff member says so or if the entirety of both parties agree.
  • Creating a famous, celebrity or otherwise recognized character is forbidden.
  • Players may not create a character under the age of 18.
  • All characters should be between the heights of 5'0 and 6'6.
  • Cameras must be physical props or entities.
  • Hiding bases or items outside the map will result in their removal.
  • "Timescale" is must be confirmed by staff.
  • Players who fail to use /ar to inform admins that they are going AFK outside of designated areas may be afforded up 5 minutes at the discretion of the mediating admin. If the player does not return within that time, events will continue to move forward regardless of AFK status.
  • IC items with utility-purpose (use with environment or circumstances) should be authorized through the forums prior to use.
  • Third party chat software may not be used in lieu of IC communications.
  • ERP should only be under private channels (/pm). You will be given a warning if you undergo it in a public channel.
  • Rogues must be authorized by SA+. Roguing means your char is walking out - no sabotage, stealing, or malignant activity. Reminder, you will be PKed on S2RP death.

Alter-Ego Rules
Normal players can receive an alter-ego only under these prerequisites below:
  • Are not a rogue, bandit, or targeted high profile individual.
  • Need it for a function that can only be used by another faction/class in-game.
  • You can't use it for making yourself anonymous. Consider changing your name instead.
  • You can't use it to change yourself to a model 03, 03m, or market purchasable model.
  • You can only have one alter-ego.

Combat and Engagement rules
  • Use of animations that affect hitboxes or visibility is not allowed.
  • Combat logging (leaving to avoid dying or any combat) is not allowed.
  • S2K until S2RP, this includes melee weapons.
  • Raids are considered as forced or/and unauthorized entry in faction bases. This means no destruction of property. You may attack inhabitants from outside if seen.
  • Base raids must have SA+ authorization and a 6+ minimum on both factions.
  • 6+ minimum on faction base raids now has an added +3 max cap to make up for population and charswap discrepancies. )AKA attacking faction may have max of 9 players.)
  • Raids may be 'reactive' in hostage situations.
  • Super Administrators will view whether char rosters meet requirements. All combatants must not be AFK.
  • Last requests after or during PKs/Player deaths can be sent on the /ar. Music and/or events are encouraged.
  • The Market Hubs and faction bases cannot be obstructed or destroyed without resistance in a communicated event. You may continue to sweep the area. (With the exception of past the stall).
  • To destroy a faction base, you will have submit an application to remove the base before you attack it.
  • Rockets are not to be used to engage infantry targets.
  • All God Tier snipers must have a two-line /me and a s2m shot before starting s2k.

PAC3 Rules
  • You must have standard height for humanoid characters.
  • You must not have any form of aesthetic that aids in visibility compared to regular models.
  • You may not abuse the PAC3 camera.
  • Hitbox modifications are not allowed.
  • If command staff deems on-duty MPF PAC as too out of character it must be edited or removed.

Permanent Kill/Banditry Rules
Your character may be marked for banditry if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • Attempt to or successfully mug another character.
  • Threatening another characters life.
  • Scamming another character.
  • Killing another character without valid reasoning. (Self defense, hired, etc.)
  • PKs must be authorized prior by SA+ with premeditation. If this requires immediacy, it will be denied.

Your character may be permanently killed if one or more of the following criteria is met:


  • If your character died being overly negligent during the event that caused their death. To put it simply, if they pick fight over flight in a situation where they are clearly outmatched.
  • If your character died and your character permanent kill was personally authorized by a super administrator during an assassination authorization.
  • If your roleplay is poor, provocative or unserious.
  • If your characters death as highly developmental.
  • If your character is a rogue.
  • If your character died while performing a mugging, assassination or murder.
  • IC events, missions, and high risk scenarios.


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Forum Rules:

- The rules are flexible, just because it isn't listed here doesn't mean that it is allowed, use your brain.
- No posting content or links relating to pornography, alcohol, drugs, or any NSFW etc. This includes profile pictures.
- No spamming, flaming, or repetitive bumping.
- No creating multiple accounts. Forum accounts are intended for one person, don't share.
- No threatening or excessive insulting. This includes racism and sexism. Be sure to respect everyone.
- No fake/illegitimate posts/evidence/etc.
- No piracy, advertisement, or auctions.
- Putting +Support and -Support as your post with no reason is considered spam.
- The Fast Threads are made for threads that are forgotten and dealt with quickly. Feel free to put quick posts there. Avoid posting non-serious threads in the General Discussion forums.
- Put all your political discussions into the Politics sub-forum under Fast Threads.
- Using buzzwords to attempt to close a thread or de-rail it is a warnable offense.
- Disputation threads are formal, therefore maintain a reasonable, calm, unbias, and non-aggressive demeanor. Otherwise they will be dismissed.
- Any attempt to demote the opposing side's posts, even under retaliation, will be dismissed from the chat immediately.
- All appeals and formats in the disputation forums may be closed and denied (once warned) if the sender/complaining player is in an emotional state. This may include cursing, accusing, mocking, and anger that renders the complaining party incapable of able debate.
- Do not use emojis in serious threads / boards.
- Do not post multiple threads of the same topic.
- Do not make multiple posts unless you've exceeded the word limit.
- It is still shitposting even if you're being ironic.
- Using alternate accounts is not allowed. Only one account per person. Speak to the moderators regarding special cases.
- Conversations and threads in the disputes may allow you two initial replies to prevent derailment and hyperactivity. Administrators will authorize more replies if necessary.
- Do not necropost (posting on threads older than 2 weeks without having relevant input is considered a necropost.)
- Do not shitpost, flame, or do any form of memery on threads that have the 'Serious' prefix or contain [SERIOUS] in the title.
- Do not abuse the report button in any way. ie, do not make unserious reports, click-spam the button, or use it in any way that is not reporting content that breaks the rules listed here.
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