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Server Updates September 2020


Head Administrator
Head Administrator

September 2020 Updates

  • Flashlights are going to be turned off by default unless they're in inventory.​
  • Miscellaneous flashlight fixes and crafting flashlights.​
  • Miscellaneous crafting fixes.​
  • A root of the medical problem for CMRP is usage of scripts. We'll be taking several moves to reduce and eventually minimize their usage.​
    • Bandages and medical items heal more, but would be more rare to find.​
    • Reduction in types and amounts of painkillers.​
    • Edits to several descriptions to clarify their usages.​
    • Moving them more to swep basis.​
    • Giving more conditions to make wounding more bearable, such as reminder to using pistols and melee weapons.​
  • Workshop additions. (HL2 building kit, Seals, OF2 synths.)
  • Edits with community area to have bar/government office and more of a town-esque area.
  • Edits with presets for stronghold loot boxes, creating a reward based looting system.
  • Edits with generic items. Should be fixed now.
  • Item generator timer edits.
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Head Administrator
Head Administrator
  • Wounding system disabled.
  • Producer systems disabled. This will include all weapon producers, scrappers, ammo makers, gardens, cooking applications, etc. We'll be using flag weapons for these purposes. (M16A2, AKMS, AKS74 standard. MP7 sub, Minimi MG, SDMR dmr.)