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Official Production Calendar


Head Administrator
Head Administrator
Note we're taking in "reserved slot times" - meaning that people that take over these slots per week have a time and place when they are most likely going to produce missions, therefore they're reserved. This means that they have mission priority during these slots, so ask them if you want to run a mission in their stead. This is not an obligation, but rather a prioritzation. All times in EST.









@NCR Ranger - 10pm EST



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I'd like to run a production but the issue is that I've got college course sign up and orientation this week. I'll see if I can run something on Saturday of July 25th, unless that Saturday was already claimed. I'll see if I can pick out a good map today in order to get it mounted ahead of time and to avoid issues.

My ideal time is somewhere around 5 PM EST.
It's a bit tough to run long events when you have life stuff going on, that's why I've been sticking to on-map productions, as they are less committal.
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