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The Kloven Contingent

"We wear the mask to lock ourselves away from judgement... To steel ourselves from our neighbor's stares of anguish and tears of sorrow.

For not one of us could bear the sight of our kindred blood's torn hearts at the discovery of one of their own.
They don't know what awaits them outside these walls... And now they walk a mine-trotted path without our hands to guide them.
This is why we wear the mask. For them - not for us."
- Brady Kloven

The Kloven Contingent is a regrouped and re-rallied band of former City Eighteen Metropolitan Police Force units led by MPF Captain. Brady Kloven. This unit is compromised of the most fervent and devoted of the MPF's remnants. The main objective of the contingent forces is to retake City Eighteen from rebel forces and re-establish Union dominion and authority there. Prior to City Eighteen's downfall, many of the MPF forces were lackluster in combat training but enjoyed their lives and the security that they themselves had provided. Being in one of the least protected city sectors and being close in proximity to the Outlands made the Kloven Contingent's pre-aftermath jobs an imperative to uphold the city's societal and social integrity. This meant upkeep of the city's strongest defense grids and being consistently reactive to Xenian infestation threats.

While suffering great defeat in the downfall of City 18, Captain Kloven's tenacity and commitment had brought a peculiar morale boost towards units under his command. Previously bleeding numbers from unwilling deserters, Kloven's C18 unit became the rallying cry for MPF units sector wide. Units that previously deserted found their calling in his command. Kloven's units are frequently seen cleaning Xenian infestations bursting out of City Eighteen and neighboring sectors, which threaten food and water sources in the Southern sectors. On many occasions, Kloven units are actively making incursions back into rebel-occupied cities to salvage hidden Combine equipment and plan sabotage and resistance efforts.

MPF units in the contingent rely heavily in independence. For them, their goals are for their city - not for the Universal Union. It just happens that these two organizational entities mutually benefit from their actions. For the MPF, many of their fights are personal - not merely ideological. Many of these MPF units had fought and died serving under the Union - especially in the most dangerous Sector 8 and 9 units of City Eighteen. These sectors were particularly heavily loyalist-influenced given the MPF's history of stopping Xenian infestations and other dangers lurking out from the Outlands in the aftermath of the Seven Hour War. To the citizenry in these sectors, the MPF were hailed as heroes that provided a semblance of pre-war life in the midst of a rapidly hostile external environment. While these perspectives were by sure a minority in the common Citizen, the MPF that made up Kloven's Contingent savored their contributions to their communities before these communities succumb to rebel uprising. Thus, Kloven's contingent remains heavily spiteful albeit surprisingly well controlled and tempered only in the presence of their highest commanding officers.

Kloven's units are the most committed MPF units in the force. While insufficiently trained, Kloven's units have been seen taking uncommonly seen risky behavior - including charges and persistent hold outs. Kloven's units deploy several Xenian defoliants and flamethrowers and continue to supply themselves through constant incursions into exogen territories. Other equipment include personal shields, riot control gear, tear gas and Combine artillery support.

Hit fast and hit hard. While the MPF are slow to respond, they usually respond with ruthless aggression and fervor. Know when to be on the defensive or the offensive, as usually MPF units are the best deployed when under leadership with their own doctrine.

  • Kloven's Units will use riot shields, tear gas, flaming barrel bombs, manhacks, and flame throwers consistently when they're on the offensive. Try to hit fast before they regain their traction and have a chance to organize a defense.
  • Kloven units in defensive positions often have mainly automated sentries, scanners, and cameras to cover their perimeters rather than manned people. If you manage to take out these automated units, you may be able to proceed silently.
  • Every Kloven unit you wound or kill is sent to the Haven. This can disrupt Haven medical lines and ultimately reduce your favor among-st Haven personnel themselves. Try to take objectives silently, or perhaps non-lethally.
  • Kloven units may try to employ non-lethals like stunsticks and paralyzing gas. Even in the aftermath, they retain a sensible use of necessitated force.

Captain. Brady Kloven
Sector 18
Metropolitan Police Force

Brady Kloven, circa 2018

Brady Kloven is a City Eighteen Police Captain of Norwegian descent assigned to District 7 of City Eighteen, the southern-most district in the city. As a Captain in the rear lines, Kloven was in charge of relief and evacuation operations for loyalist citizens through City Eighteen's train rails connected to the rest of southern Ukraine. During the Eastern and Northern Liberation Front's constant and indiscriminate bombardments on City Eighteen, Kloven found himself in command of over two companies of police units under constant shelling and siege. As the leader of the few remaining MPF units still loyal to the Union, he provided sanctity and draw downs to retreating, demoralized and deserting MPF units fleeing from the frontlines.

Kloven's sector proved to be much more tenable than first imagined, with automated defense systems kept well in check and maintenance. Thus, Kloven's MPF had kept the sector secured far more prolonged than originally ordered. When asked to destroy rail stations and pull back to Outlands operating-bases by Sectorial command, he blatantly disobeyed orders in an attempt to surge supplies into the area, evacuate a loyalist-MPF unit trapped in the sewer system, and contain a Xenian infestation brewing from an unknown contaminated breach in the Combine defense grid. During this event, a covert underground deployment of the 24th Weaver Renegades had stolen crucial medical and decontamination supplies in the midst of the fighting. Prior to the full downfall of City Eigtheen, Kloven's stranded unit was eliminated, a Renegade explosion caused Xenian spores to spread throughout the city's water lines and into nearby sectors, and medical supplies were stolen by the Renegades.

Kloven is a contentious member of the Union Beneficiary Altar - holding the benefactors' and their actions to a religious degree. Albeit, this ideological imprint has been challenged by personal friends, with common testimonies implying his membership was for an unknown romantic interest. Whether he is fervently devoted to the Universal Union's cause is unclear, despite Kloven's consistent declarations of allegiance.

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