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Official The ShockCore Gaming Rule Handbook

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Note: Rulebook will not cover everything. If you're doing an action that's not in the rulebook and we find grounds for punishment, do not be surprised if you are punished. Ask a staff member if you're not sure. Any rule or policy listed here may change based on the verdict of a staff member.

Administration has the final say in matters, no matter what. Arguing against a made verdict may result in a ban. If you have a problem, make a complaint.

General Rules


Permanent Bans
  • Item transferring or any attempts to. (A complete character wipe will happen if you appeal).
    • This includes transferring items to off-duty MPF from your on-duty.
  • Mass Random Deathmatch (killing multiple people without proper roleplay).
  • The use of cheats, hacks, bugs and exploits, usually an unappeasable ban. This includes /charfallover glitching or otherwise exploiting.
  • Making alternate accounts to bypass bans.
  • Whitelist abuse will result in a loss of factions, items, tokens, etc along with your ban.
  • Attempting to force a player into erotic roleplay.
  • Staff impersonation.

Temporary Bans (These may escalate into a permanent ban)
  • Erotic and vulgar roleplay is not tolerated in public. You must move it to private channels (/med, /pm, Steam chat, etc.).
  • Random Deathmatch (killing someone without proper roleplay).
  • Player impersonation.
  • Changing your description to avoid a roleplay situation.
  • Powergaming (purposely forcing actions onto others) is forbidden.
  • Disconnecting to avoid roleplay or admin-sit.
  • Metagaming.

Warnings (These may escalate into a temporary or permanent ban)
  • Disrespect, harassment and provocative behavior that clearly shows Out of Character motive.
  • Spamming chat in any form.

  • A situation may only be voided if a staff member says so or if the entirety of both parties agree.
  • To an extent, no physical descriptions that have direct references towards sexual or suggestive content.
  • Creating a famous, celebrity or otherwise recognized character is forbidden. (Brad Pitt, Gordon Freeman, Trump.)
  • Players may not create a character under the age of 18.
  • All characters must be between the heights of 5'0 and 6'6.
  • Players are always in-character. Stating that you are out of character requires validation from a staff member.
  • When looting anyone (must be tied), you can only take up to 250 tokens.
  • Cameras must be physical props or entities.
  • Hiding bases or weapons (boxed or unboxed) outside the map will result in said items or base being removed, you will not be refunded your items.
  • The concept of "Timescale" is only valid if confirmed by a member of staff. Yelling TS will not be valid unless staff state that timescale is active and for how long.
  • Players who fail to use /ar to inform admins that they are going AFK outside of the designated area (in D1) may be afforded up 5 minutes at the discretion of the mediating admin. If the player does not return within that time, events will continue to move forward regardless of AFK status.
  • Sibling characters may NOT be created under any circumstances!
  • You may not have any IC items unless approved by an admin or approved through a forum authorization.
  • Items that are secured in a player's inventory may only be removed during a mugging or after being zip-tied and searched.

Combat and Engagement rules
  • If you are under attack or close-ranged fighting during S2RP or S2K, you must use a /me to use your radio.
  • During any RP'd death or S2K you may not put any items in your inventory to avoid losing them.
  • Use of animations that affect hitboxes or visibility is not allowed.
  • Keybindings related to combat are absolutely forbidden.
  • Combat logging (leaving to avoid dying or any combat) will result in a ban at the staff members discretion.
  • Unauthorized S2K will be classified as random deathmatch and you will be punished accordingly.
  • Firefights are always S2RP unless both administrators announce for S2K.
  • Melee is always S2RP. This includes when one party has a firearm and the other is attacking in melee combat.
    • You may not S2K if the other party has melee weapons.
  • You may initiate firefights with Grenades.
  • Shell Beach is always S2K.

PAC3 Rules
  • You must have standard height for humanoid characters.
  • You must not have any form of aesthetic that aids in visibility compared to regular models.
  • You may not abuse the PAC3 camera.
  • Hitbox modifications are not allowed.
  • On-Duty Metropolice are required to get ALL of their edits approved by the Metropolice Lead first before wearing them.

Permanent Kill/Banditry Rules
Your character may be marked for banditry if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • Attempt to or successfully mug another character.
  • Threatening another characters life.
  • Scamming another character.
  • Killing another character without valid reasoning. (Self defense, hired, etc.)

Your character may be permanently killed if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • If your character died being overly negligent during the event that caused their death. To put it simply, if they pick fight over flight in a situation where they are clearly outmatched.
  • If your character died and your character permanent kill was personally authorized by a super administrator.
  • If your roleplay is poor, provocative or unserious.
  • If your characters death as highly developmental.
  • If your character commits suicide.
  • If your character died inside of the NEXUS.
  • If your character died during an assault on the plaza, District 1 or the Nexus
  • If your character died while performing a mugging, assassination or murder.
  • If your character died after being branded a malignant and got killed by the MPF.
  • If your character died after mugging someone and was marked for bandity.


City Administration-Specific
  • City Officials can only be PK'd via execution/approved assassination.

Civil Worker and Medical Specific
  • Dying while entering District 2 and expressing loyalty.
  • Dying as a result of an assassination attempt.

If your faction is not separately listed here, contact the Head Admin on further details.

Faction-specific general rules

Metropolice Force

  • You may only attack/mug MPF, CWU in D1 if there are 6+ Union Personnel online. The ratio excludes RCT's, CmD, and SeC - this includes shotcopping.
  • You may only free enslaved vortigaunts if there are 6+ Union Personnel online. This ratio excludes RCT's, CmD, and SeC. [You need to remove their shackles, equal to a T-2 Lock.]
  • 6+ Union Personnel must be online to raid the nexus. The ratio excludes RCT's, CmD, and SeC.
  • When looting a MPF/OTA (must be tied), you may only take up to 250 tokens from the tokens that he has. Everything else does not have limits.
  • When trying to loot MPF units, MPF uniforms may only be given out if the uniform is fully intact/unstained/unharmed. These damages range from simple cuts to bullet holes. If there was damage done to the victim MPF unit, you may not have his uniform upon looting. The unit must be alive and tied during the extraction of his uniform. You may not kill multiple MPF and assemble the unharmed parts into an MPF uniform. Same rules apply for OTA.

  • As a Freed Vortigaunt, upon death you are demoted one rank for two OOC weeks. If you are a student, you will be set to Enslaved and have to escape again.
  • Abuse of voice commands, the Vortibeam or any other features will result in a dewhitelist and character ban.
  • Like rebels, excessively aggressive Vortigaunts are eligible for a PK.
  • If you don't get PK'd on death, you will be demoted one rank for the duration of two weeks.

Civil Workers' Union
  • Abuse of any of the privileges or awards the CWU gives you will get you terminated from the group, permanently.
  • Unless authorized by the President or Supervisor, do not tell others about classified CWU information.
  • Minging on purpose isn’t allowed. Do it on another character.
  • Don’t move or delete decorations in CWU areas without asking, including changing prices on the notepad. Ask the President before doing so.
  • If your character has been permakilled, you must reapply to retain CWU Whitelist.
  • Do not abuse your whitelist, such as giving away scripts for free, or planting items around the map. This will lead to you being blacklisted, and likely permabanned.
  • You must speak to the CWU lead, Murizath/Lueth Marsh, before you may go rogue. When you go rogue, any death caused by the MPF will be a PK. If you are taking any items, include them in your authorization.

Black Market Dealer
  • No abuse of your whitelist or the vendor.
  • No nepotism of any form.
  • Do not disconnect to avoid sweeps or market raids.
  • Using out of character communication for any in character inquiries will result in removal from the faction. (i;e telling your buddy over discord to come to the sewers for a job)
  • NEVER exploit the map to hide scripts.
  • Do not AFK on your BMD for long periods of time, repeated offenses will result in removal. (emergencies and accidents are completely understandable, please also request an admin if you need to AFK and have no character that is applicable to)
  • Hiding items inside of containers that are not usable through Clockwork must be approved by an admin at their discretion. (i;e putting your lockbox inside of a crate or a hollowed out vending machine)
  • You may not sell items to from your BMD to a different character of your own. (item transferring)
  • Do NOT unequip items to avoid losing them before death.
  • No banditry of any form.
  • You are allowed to have a citizen version of your BMD.
  • No selling any items lower than the listed prices.
  • Deaths in District 1 are a PK and de-whitelist (able to reapply in two weeks)
  • Do not compromise the business for any Citizen. Meaning: if the MPF start kicking down doors, don't play the hero. (once your gear is locked down, whatever you do is at your discretion).
  • Only sell what you are allowed. If you somehow come across a stash meant for different dealers, do not touch it.
  • While in uniform and actively selling, stick to the slums.
  • Do NOT let anyone who isn't a BMD into the HQ.
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Forum Rules:

- The rules are flexible, just because it isn't listed here doesn't mean that it is allowed, use your brain.
- No posting content or links relating to gross stuff, pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.
- No spamming, flaming, or repetitive bumping.
- No creating multiple accounts. Forum accounts are intended for one person, don't share.
- No threatening or excessive insulting. This includes racism and sexism. Be sure to respect everyone.
- No fake/illegitimate posts/evidence/etc.
- No piracy, advertisement, or auctions.
- Putting +Support and -Support as your post with no reason is considered spam.
- The Fast Threads are made for threads that are forgotten and dealt with quickly. Feel free to put quick posts there. Avoid posting non-serious threads in the General Discussion forums.
- Using buzzwords to attempt to close a thread or de-rail it is a warnable offense.
- Disputation threads are formal, therefore maintain a reasonable, calm, unbias, and non-aggressive demeanor. Otherwise bans, closes, and dismissals will occur.
- Any attempt to demote the opposing side's posts, even under retaliation, will be dismissed from the chat immediately.
- All appeals and formats in the disputation forums may be closed and denied (once warned) if the sender/complaining player is in an emotional state. This may include cursing, accusing, mocking, and anger that renders the complaining party incapable of able debate.
- Do not use emojis in serious threads / boards.
- Do not post multiple threads of the same topic.
- Do not make multiple posts unless you've exceeded the word limit.
- It is still shitposting even if you're being ironic.
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Very minor updates to the CMRP rules for easier patrols and FOB or market raids.
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